A slightly belated post, but in August 2019, Frog on a Bike played their very first Cambridge Folk Festival!

It was a sheer delight to bring our particular brand of high energy, English folk music to the good people of Cambridge Folk Festival. The crowd was excellent, with most up and dancing nearly every single dance in the 1 hour slot we had for the ceilidh. The sound team were also amazing, getting everything spot on in the little time we had for change over.

The Den is one of the more interesting stages at Cambridge, especially for a ceilidh. The stage set up like a cosy living room and there were also two pillars right in the middle of the dance space, which we were slightly concerned about, but nobody careered into them, so all good.

When not playing, and not being interviewed by Nicky Stockman from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, we were free to enjoy the delights of the festival. This was a first time visit for many of the band, despite growing up in and around Cambridge most of our lives.

Of particular note where the astonishing performances from Nancy Kerr & James Fagin with special guests, including the legend that is Maddy Prior.

Our immediate post gig chill out was to another legend, this time in the form of Richard Thompson who, despite his ongoing accolade of “The Rainmaker”, managed to ward off threatening skies for a truly sublime set.

One evening we were also treated to an appearance by The Once. An originals folk band from Canada, their lead vocalist, Geraldine Hollett, has a very Stevie Nicks air to her voice. If you haven’t seen them before, be sure to check them out.

We had an absolute blast playing Cambridge and we hope to be back in the not too distant future.

More exciting festival news to come for us in 2020, so stay tuned!