Silver Street Ceilidh Band

Lively and in-demand London ceilidh band

London ceilidh band. Beautiful, lively, irresistibly danceable music for all occasions!

“Best ceilidh ever!” – Rachel, wedding

If you’re looking for the best London ceilidh band, covering weddings, parties, festivals, more, you’ve come to the right place!

Silver Street Ceilidh Band is an eclectic group of some of the finest (and friendliest) musicians on the scene. Although a London ceilidh band, their music has roots in the rich seam of traditional music in Scotland and the North East of England. They also play tunes from elsewhere in England, Ireland and even further afield. They boast decades of experience of playing for dancing between them (despite their youthful looks…), and know how to ensure you – and your guests – have a fabulous time!

We usually only play as a set lineup. This means that we’re in demand and availability is limited. Get in touch now to check your preferred dates!

Martin Clarke – caller and fiddle

Martin is a hugely experienced ceilidh dance caller fiddle player. His endless enthusiasm for getting everyone involved, and simple, patient guidance in explaining the dances, focuses on ensuring that everyone has as much fun as possible.

Beth Chamberlain – lead fiddle

Beth leads our music with her flamboyant, virtuoso fiddle playing. As a supremely talented musician, her driving melodies alone (with tunes from Scotland, Ireland, England and even futher afield) are enough to get even the most reluctant dancer’s feet tapping.

Joe O’Connor – button accordion

Joe’s beautiful playing perfectly complements Beth’s soaring fiddle tunes. His warm, rich tone won him a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award in 2007 with his band, Last Orders, as well as a solo runner-up in 2006.

Will Chamberlain – Piano

Will’s punky piano beats really underpin the whole feel of the band’s music. He is an expert improviser, able to shape the mood and colour of the music, and really give the dancers a lift when they most need it. Will’s piano playing adds not just energy and drive to the sound, but also a bit of tongue-in-cheek silliness to the music.