An experienced, energetic ceilidh band providing lively dance music for your event

The Scallywag Experience

Scallywag are an experienced, energetic ceilidh/barn dance band based in Devon. We are all professional musicians and came together more than fifteen years ago from some of the busiest and most popular folk dance bands in the area to develop our unique blend of traditional and contemporary folk music.

Our influences are drawn from traditional folk music of Irish, English and French origin mixed with Reggae, Rock and Jazz (nice) creating infectious dance styles designed to appeal to all tastes.

The usual line up of the band is 4 musicians playing fiddle, concertina, guitar and bass guitar. This instrumental versatility enables the band to switch from a traditional to a contemporary line-up with ease. We carry our own expert caller which will be included in the price you are quoted.

Scallywag excel in providing dancing for weddings, parties and corporate events. Additionally, Scallywag are used to everything from small groups with multiple left feet to large ballrooms full of experienced dancers.

We’ve had bingo called in the break at a wedding. We’ve been given 5 spoons and told to finish off an 18″ bottom layer of a fresh cream, triple chocolate wedding cake before it goes off. Also, we once lost a mandolin player in a river and been cursed by a witch doctor (Gordon personally, not the band thankfully). We’ve even had to play wearing face masks of the unsuspecting beneficiary (victim) of a surprise party.


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