Dashing White Sergeant

Level: Intermediate
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Dance Parts

A1 (1 - 8) Circle of 6 circle to the left and then circle to the right
A2 (9 - 16) The person in the middle turns to the person on their right and sets to them, then turns them once round right hand (variation - both hands). The other partner stands still. Repeat with other partner
B1 (17 - 24) Using elbow grip, turn 1st partner, then 2nd partner, then 1st partner, then 2nd partner
B2 (25 - 28) In the lines of three, advance towards each other (two skip steps) and retire.
B2 (29 - 32) Both lines dance forwards, one line raising their hands in an arch and the other line dancing underneath, and dance on to meet the next set of three coming in the other direction.
~ Repeat with new three


Dance Length:
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Example Tunes

The Dashing White Sergeant