Sir Roger de Coverley

Level: Intermediate
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A three part slip jig often associated with Christmas due to it’s appearance in Charles Dicken’s ” A Christmas Carol” at Mr Fezziwig’s Ball. John Kirkpatrick describes this in his book “English Choice” as “historically the most popular of all dances”. The instructions given here are just one of the many ways this may be danced

Dance Parts

A1 (4) Top Man, Bottom Lady Right Hand Turn; TopLady, Bottom Man Right Hand Turn
A2 (4) Top Man, Bottom Lady Left Hand Turn; Top Lady, Bottom Man Left Hand Turn
A3 (4) Top Man, Bottom Lady Two Handed Turn; Top Lady, Bottom Man Two Handed Turn
A4 (4) Top Man, Bottom Lady do-si-do; Top Lady, Bottom Man do-si-do
B1 (16) Top Couple Strip the Willow, and gallop back to top
B2 (16) Top Couple cast and form arch; Other couples go through arch and back to place


Dance Length:
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