The Grenoside Processional Dance

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Found this lovely dance on youtube. Notes from the video by Dave Shepherd of Blowzabella:
“This was probably the first time this dance has been done as a social dance.

The dance was devised by my father Dick Shepherd in 1951 for the first Grenoside Folk Dance Festival, the dance being inspired by the figures of the Grenoside Sword Dance (with whom Dick danced up to the mid 70s).

He taught the dance to Yorkshire Chandelier, who danced it regularly in its correct form.

Subsequently the dance was adopted by other dance teams but in a debased stationary fashion, frequently misattributed, and often presented in a sloppy way with totally inappropriate music.

Here the garland hoops are dispensed with for social dancing and the music is composed by me, inspired by the main Sword Dance tune the Broken-time Hornpipe (Roxburgh Castle). “

Dance Parts

A1 (8) Trios process around the circle
A2 (8) Trios Circles
B1 (8) Trios Process
B2 (8) Trios Right Hand Star / Left Hand Star
C1 (8) Trios Process
C2 (8) Trios thread the needle
D1 (8) Trios Process
D2 (8) Reel of three


Dance Length:
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Example Tunes

The Grenoside Processional Dance