48 Bar

Circassian Circle

A simple and fun well known circle dance traditionally used to end an evening, though also an easy dance to start with too.

Clopton Bridge

A well known step-hop ceilidh dance, danced to a hornpipe rhythm for four couples

Cumberland Square Eight

The famous Scottish square dance - Gallops, stars and baskets. Always a hit at lively gatherings!

Dashing White Sergeant

One of the most famous Scottish Dances, a firm favourite and a must for Scottish weddings!

Drops of Brandy

Popular and oft-requested strip the willow dance for as many as will.

Gay Gordons

The most famous Scottish dance of all? A simple dance and a perennial favourite at all Scottish gatherings

Mayne’s Mayhem

64 bar longways set with all the favourite elements: gallops, horseshoe's and strip the willows

Riverside Jig

Line is subdivided into sets of two couples, standing side by side rather than facing across. First Couple on ...

Sir Roger de Coverley

A three part slip jig often associated with Christmas due to it's appearance in Charles Dicken's " A Christmas ...


Fun progressive dance for four or five couples with lots of resting too.

The Linton Rocket

By Andrew Swaine who says: "A ceilidh hornpipe. The A part was inspired by "Billie's Hornpipe", which I wanted to ...

The Mozart

Sets arranged in a circle around the room, men facing clockwise, women anti-clockwise